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Making Display Easy


Edikio food tags comes to Queensland


Food retailers have started using the Edikio System to produce their own food tags. These tags are being used in Fruit and Veg shops, butcher shops, Deli's and cafes and Hotel's Smorgasbord. If you are using laminated tickets now is the time to increase the details you can put on your tickets.

Why choose POSOZ (Point of Sale Australia) as your POS and Display B2B Retailer?

Why retail stores and signage have an important part to play in customer communication. A large proportion of sales are still made by customers passing by a store on foot, and having an a-frame sign or banner flag catch their eye. We can all relate to entering a store and making an unexpected purchase after seeing a good deal or [...]

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New WYSIWG tickets

In the past seafood and butcher shop owners have had to pay high prices for ticketing that had their own product namesWell help is here as now with new digital technology we can print anything you want in any colour on white, blue or black food tickets in 3 different sizes.Now you can show your [...]

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Price Gun Date Gun Ink Rollers

We are asked all the time about whether there is an universal Ink Roller. Unfortunately there is not one ink roller that fits all tools or guns. There are numerous tools in the market place. Meto, Sato, Motex, Samark, Royal, Qwik Stik, Jolly, Kendo, Primark and many more all have their own ink rolls. Complicating [...]

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