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Do you have minimum order requirements?

In January 2024 we have changed the quantiities of items as costs now make it uneconomical to have orders under $75.00

Do you have handling charges?

Some items do cost more to pack and this cost is included in the delivery charge.

Do you charge a fee for credit cards?


How is the postage worked out?

We use a real-time postage calculator from Australian Post to determine the correct postage for the freight that has been cubed.

Why is freight cubed?

In Australia, all road freight is based on 1 cubic meter being equal to 250kg. Therefore an item's actual weight is not the weight used to determine the cost of the freight, but the cubed weight is used instead. An example of this is an A Frame that only weighs 3kg but cubes out to 8kg.

Will you deliver to a Post Office box?

We can only deliver the items that Australia Post will accept for delivery. The two major factors are that the weight is not over 25kg and the length not over 1metre and all 3 measurements are used which means the length + the width + the height can not execeed 1 metre.

I am not always at work, will they leave the item?

We usually use registered post & a card showing that a delivery was attempted and giving instructions where the item can be picked up from - usually your nearest Post Office. You will need to have photo I D to pick up the item.

What if the item I receive is not the item I ordered?

If you receive the wrong item you need to either email us or phone us on our toll free phone 1800 645 949 and explain what you have received. We will - at our cost pick up the incorrect item - and replace it with the correct item at no additional cost to you.

What if the item I receive is broken in transit?

Please notify us immediately and we will arrange to replace the item ordered and arrange pick up of broken item at no additional cost to you.

What about warranties?

Handy LED signs have a 12 month warranty.

Meto Price markers have a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

Brother lettering machines have a six month warranty from date of purchase.

Edikio printers: 12 months for the Access, 24 months for the Flex and Duplex printers

Other items have no manufacturer warranty but POSOZ does warrant all their products to be free of defects at time of shipping.

What about items that we can not find on your web site?

We are happy to source any type of display item, if you can provide us with a digital photo or drawing of the item that you wish to inquire about. We can then advise you whether this item is available in Australia or if you would need to have it made to order.

If you wish to have a display product made for your product please give us details as to the size of your product, its weight and how it is packaged and then we can better advise you. Photo would be of assistance as well.

Prototypes are often very expensive to make. The normal procedure is to make one and that cost is then taken off the final amount when the whole order is completed.

January 9 2024


July 28, 2023