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How to make a good sign or price ticket

All to often retailers will simply use a ticket that has the word SALE or REDUCED on it and then write a price. For a sign to really sell the goods it should have a number of meaningful comments.

 1. Features: at least 2 or 3 attributes of the product that make it a worthwhile purchase.

 2. Benefits: at least 2 or 3 reasons why this product should be purchased.

 3. Time to purchase: priced only to a certain date - "Sale price ends June 30th."

 4. Price and if cents are used they should be superior figures ( smaller figures raised above base line)

 5. Use the Balloon font or a script font that makes the writing look like it is hand printed.

 6. Use bright coloured paper and use bold type for added impact.

Additional information can be a mention of a cross sell item, the SKU of the item, guarantee etc.

This does require at least an A5 or better yet an A4 ticket. 


April 2021